Thursday, April 2, 2015

Saber Chrome Whips Prints HPM Hand Painted Multiples

Fresh from an amazing mural for Pow Wow Hawaii 2015 Saber got right back to it by creating a sick bunch of HPM's titled Chrome Whips.

Black paint, Reduction Style Using Scratch Tools And Rags
Coated Super Metallic Chrome Archival Paper
24" x 34.5"
Edition Size: 10 Fine Art Original Paintings, 4 Artist Proofs / Signed & Numbered with COA
Each Piece Is Highly Glossed Coated With Galkyd A Durable Super High Gloss Protective Coating
Each Art Piece Is A Complete Original Unique, No Two Are Alike. The Piece You Receive Will Not Be The One Displayed.
Signed In Blue Paint Pen With Blue And Gold Splats

 Artist Statement:
This reductive process is perfect for my hyper sharp style. This allows me to reduce the strokes to just rapid hand movements that mimic whipping swords, wire and needles. I got a hold of this awesome chrome paper, I was thinking to myself what the hell am I going to do with this. Threw some black paint on top and like those magical mistakes I wiped some of the paint off and BLING!, a chrome brush whip was sparking in the light. Grabbed some scratch tools and this beautiful series emerged. The writing in each piece is crews spelled out with layers of all my friends who have affected my life. In this sense each stroke has a purpose.....
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