Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Alice Mizrachi Tree Of Life Print Release

Alice Mizrachi returns to 1xRUN with a new print release titled Tree of Life.
“Tree of Life” print series is a mandala tree. It represents the cyclical nature of life, birth and rebirth in all its beauty. In addition to the print series I created burned birch wood sculptures with images of people in our community, home and family. I chose to use birch wood because it represents new awakening, the return of spring and fertility. The three phases of the moon waxing, full and waning, were seen as the Maiden, Mother and Crone stages of the cycle of nature. The birch tree was therefore closely associated with the waxing, Maiden phase of the moon.

I have been interested in exploring the archetype of the sacred feminine for a while now. This is an ongoing conversation in my work that explores mother earth and her cyclical nature. With this print and sculpture series I am thinking more spiritually. The process engaged my desire to carve, burn and feel a tree. I enjoy the exploration of working with materials that can be hard vs. soft. It reiterates the thread in my work of juxtaposing yin and yang energies." - Alice Mizrachi
Along with the regular edition you can also choose to purchase a hand embellished edition as well. Plus they will have a selection of Hand Branded Etchings on Wood also. 

They all go on sale Wednesday at NOON EST at 

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