Thursday, March 17, 2016

Eddie Colla I Have A Name, But It Doesn't Matter Hand Painted Multiples Release

Last week I found out Eddie Colla was visiting 1xRUN, so I had to make the trip to see him figuring it might be the only chance I have to meet him in person and did not want to miss it.

Glad I did too, not only did I enjoy talking with Eddie for hours but seeing him create these in person was something special. I walked into 1xRUN to find him working on these hand painted multiples titled I Have A Name, But It Doesn't Matter. That is what the Chinese writing on each one says. Seeing these in person as he worked on them was incredible. Each one is 25.5 x 32 x 1.5 Inches depending on the orientation of the image. They are Screen Print & Wheatpaste on Reclaimed Wood Mounted To Found Metal Flashing.
"I came to Detroit to sign the “Ambition” etched metal plates I released last month. The plates were so heavy that it was cheaper for me to go to Detroit to sign them than it was to ship them to me. I had no plans of producing any work in Detroit. Detroit can be an inspiring place though because it endures.

The image is part of an ongoing series of work I’ve been doing for years around this character. The text on the pieces translate as “I have a name but it doesn’t matter”. The character and the story all take place in Hong Kong. The images revolve around finding one’s place in the world, survival and the rejection of fate." - Eddie Colla
This hand painted multiple is signed, numbered and metal authentication tog tag by Eddie Colla.

There are only 6 of these and each one is unique in it's own way, so you are getting a stunning one of kind piece of art.

Along with these there will be 12 other pieces of his work for sale Thursday.

They all go on sale at NOON EST on Thursday at

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