Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Flesh Apogee Print Release

New Flesh Prints is releasing a new print this week and it looks stunning.

I asked NE about the print:
The story on the print is that I have always had a real fascination about space. It is wondrous and seemingly infinite and scary. The truth is, anything can really be out there. I feel people at there core are explorers and are always seeking the unknown. I tried to convey that sense of wonder with the imagery of the astronaut floating apart from the capsule.
"Apogee" Regular 18”x24” 5 color screen print on #100 Nightshift Blue French paper. 2 metallics including a transparent copper varnish layer. $35 run of 55
 Apogee Variant 18”x24” 3 color screen print on #100 hand painted/hand finished French paper. Each print is unique. $50 run of 15
  The print is dropping on Thursday at 11am CST. in his store

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