Thursday, March 24, 2016

Galerie F C2E2 Print Releases

What a weekend Galerie F had at C2E2! They put a lot of work in over the last few months getting artists to create new pieces exclusively for the show, printing them and then turning the gallery upside down to fill the rest of the booth so it was awesome to finally get around to the show as it's one of their favorite weekends of the year. This year they got exclusive work by some of their biggest artists.

Dan Mumford is bringing the apocalypse to his new print, invoking Fallout, Mad Max & I Am Legend.

Epyon5 has added The Dude & Princess Leia to his ever growing roster.

JC Rivera has a great mashup with Wu-Tang & his Bear Champ.

Jason Rowland is giving us acryllic on wood pop culture masks with a twist.

Steven Holliday has a badass and wonderfully detailed Harley Quinn print, complete with a foil variant

Matthew Johnson brings us a brooding version of this month's biggest release; BvS

And last but not least, Justin Van Genderen has created a beautiful tribute to 90's sci fi cult classic Gattaca.

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