Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Malleus Sole Art Print Release

Sole is the Italian word for Sun. Sun is the power source of our lives, it’s what we need to feel alive, to feel good, to give birth to our energy and create.
And Sole is the name Malleus gave to a new project representing for them a new approach to poster art.

After years of silk screening, Malleus decided it was time to experiment with something different, for giving a new value to what they do. Malleus needed to see their prints pop out of paper, becoming something they can’t name simply a “poster”, to give the work they do a new strength.

Sole is the first gilded silkscreen print from Malleus.

“SOLE” is a limited edition art print taken from the original gigposter they did for their  friends Orange Factory. Originally created for a gig of Mugstar in Belgium.

 Malleus worked out a regular version hand pulled silkscreen of 40 copies and a variant version of only 15 copies using gold metal leaf gilding process. The regular version is 4 colors on red paper.

 Then they printed 15 copies on a darker red paper and they used gold metal leaf on them.
It’s been a very long process, every poster has been totally handmade, so they had to glue them with a small brush and put the foil on them and so on…

 Both versions will be on sale on our store on the 2nd of march.

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