Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Kii Arens Bernie Sanders Color The Bern Poster

Never before has “Feel The Bern” made more sense than with this "first of its kind", fuzzy (black velvet!), fluorescent, coloring-art poster.

Kii Arens and everyone at La-La Land Gallery believes that Bernie has what it takes to bring about positive political change, and "a future to believe in."

Showing his support through his art, the LA-based designer has released the special print, aimed to bring bright color and smiles to the Sanders campaign.

Kii thanks Nevermind Gallery for inspiration, and Erin Goedtel and Martin Ontiveros for their artistic hands!

COLOR THE BERN (Bernie Sanders)
Artwork by Kii Arens, Erin Goedtel and Matrin Ontiveros
17" x 24" 2-Sided, Fluorescent Lithograph / Black Velvet Print (Includes 12 Marker Set)
Signed/Numbered series of 200

Available here . A portion of the proceeds goes to Sanders' campaign.

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