Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Brad Klausen Chicago RNDM Poster & On Sale Info World Premiere Exclusive

Tonight is the finally concert for Jeff Ament's band RNDM and their Ghost Riding tour and it's happening in Chicago at the Double Door.

Brad Klausen did the poster for the show as he has done all 7 of the posters and you can see it first. Plus I can reveal what all the posters look like together and it's really good (click the picture to enlarge it). Brad really put a lot of work into this set and it shows with his level of detail.

The poster for tonight's concert measures 11.5 x 24 inches on black paper and it is silk screened. Only 40 posters will be for sale at the concert tonight.

On behalf of Brad, want to thank everyone for their input regarding the sale of full sets of the posters and singles.

Brad will be selling all the posters on Friday at 9am PST on his website http://artillerydesign.com/ . There will be 20 full sets of all 7 posters for sale and only 5 individual posters from each city on sale. If you buy the full set of 7 posters you will get a discount. To clarify all these posters will be cut so you will get 7 individual posters if you buy the set of 7.

1 comment:

  1. Nice set! I forgot to check Brad's website on Friday but it looks like all the prints are still available which was a pleasant surprise.


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