Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ben Nylen Art Print Series

Ben Nylen released a bunch of new prints. They range from only $25 to $15 and are all first edition runs of less than 60! The 18x24 "Order of the Electric Bat Child" even glows in the dark! All printed by Ben at Shelterbelt Studio.

 Ben gives you the details:
The Jellyfish print is excerpted from a painting entitled "the Pretty, Never" I did quite a few years ago.. I've always felt like it was a solid composition and wanted to give it new life and release it to a wider audience. I essentially re-illustrated a portion of the original piece, and the 3 color layers. Same process for the TV/test-pattern print which was excerpted from a collaborative painting entitled "What Happens in the Living Room, Stays in the Living Room", that I did with artist and friend, Dennis Conrad. Also same with the Crow on a Longhorn Skull print. They are all 4-color on
Cougar Natural, signed and numbered first edition of 55. (FYI if I do print a second edition they will be an entirely different color way).

The "Order of the Electric Bat-Child" prints are a recent illustration that I've been sitting on for a few months, waiting and plotting for the right opportunity to unleash it. I've made it into a mini-print at 9x12" 1 color on cougar natural signed and numbered ed of 60. As well as an 18X24 Glow in the dark version 1-color on French Blacktop. For those I made a super-limited quantity of 25! (and yes the second edition will be a different color). So get em before they're gone! I also have shirts available, discharge printed on super -soft Next Level brand tees! Everything except the tees we printed by myself and Johnny Quinine at Shelterbelt Studio, Minneapolis, MN.
You can purchase directly from Ben at

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