Friday, March 25, 2016

Rob Loukotka The ACME Corporation 'Iron Anvil' Variant Poster

Rob Loukotka just released a variant of the famous ACME Poster (in a comparatively small edition size) with a more subtle metallic grayscale color palette. He did a huge flat file sale of some the old Red & Copper ones he had, but a few folks over the years had always wanted something that was not a 3 foot tall bright red cartoon explosion in their living room. Not everybody, Rob wanted to make a small 'classy' looking grayscale version of the design for them as well.

Anyway, the details:
A giant poster of every ACME product, ever. 126 drawings of explosives, gadgets, rockets, and more!

The ACME Corporation 'Iron Anvil' Variant
Reich Metallic Shine 'Iron Satin' Paper 98C 2 Color Screen Print
Edition Size of 250
Signed and Numbered by Rob Loukotka
24 x 36"
Available now for $100

Rob also now offers the 24x36" posters framed with laser engraved gallery plaques (with the poster's title) attached. The framed posters arrive ready to hang on your wall, but he can only ship to the US currently.

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