Thursday, March 10, 2016

Obey HUF San Francisco Shepard Fairey Print Silver

Shepard Fairey gets back to his skateboarding roots for his next print release. 

Shepard grinds out the details of the new one:
"I’ve been a fan of Keith Hufnagel’s innovative skateboarding since he first came on the scene in the early 90’s. We met through some mutual friends when I was living in Providence around 1994 and I was impressed with how centered, humble and low-key Keith was for a skateboarder who was getting so much attention during the era of skateboarders with hip-hop star sized egos. As a skater, Keith was going back and forth between New York and San Francisco and his style was a hybrid of cutting edge, tech, with the East Coast creative use of gnarly obstacles. It didn’t matter whether you were East Coast, West Coast, Biggie or Tupac, Keith Hufnagel could please everyone. In a lot of ways I think that his approach to skateboarding and his personal style has been quietly but profoundly influential.

For all the BS and hype that’s come and gone, Keith has remained consistent and I’m very happy to see the Huf brand take off. This poster, based on a great photo by Gabe Morford, embodies what Huf does best - he finds opportunities in the city terrain that other people wouldn’t see and dominates with style and grace. This would be impressive now but keep in mind it’s from 23 years ago. Huf and Obey both believe in seeing creative opportunities in the streets and elsewhere that other people might not see and remaining true to our roots; that’s what this collaboration is all about.”- Shepard
 OBEY x HUF SAN FRANCISCO ’93 (Silver). 18 inches by 24 inches Screen Print on White Speckle Tone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey and Keith Hufnagel. Edition of: 400. $55.
Release Date: Tuesday, March 15th at 10am PST in Prints.

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