Monday, March 14, 2016

Matt Leunig Phil Lesh & String Cheese Incident Posters Release

Matt Leunig is releasing 2 posters on Monday, read on for the details.

Matt got the call to do a print for the Phil Lesh & Friend’s “4th Anniversary Bash” at his music venue, Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, CA. They asked if he’d be interested in doing a collab w/ longtime poster badass Alan Forbes (Phil Lesh, Black Crowes, Mammatus, etc..) whose work Matt has always loved.

Alan provided the lettering & the terrapins. They both have a hand drawn illustration style that worked well together and the print came out looking rad.

The final poster is a 5-color, (18’x 24′) printed by Monolith Press with a print run of 200 which will be available by the band at the show. Matt will have a very small Artist Edition run of about 20 Signed & Numbered for sale on Monday March 14th at 11AM PST.

The String Cheese Incident were back in Oakland for a 2-day run at the Oakland Fox Theater and with that comes a new poster. Matt has enjoyed working with these guys over the years on random gigs here and there but the ability to work on shows in his own town is always a special one. He got a chance to go big and represent the ol’ neighborhood.

The concept for this was an attempt to make a kind of California Spirit Animal, a bear with an Oakland headdress filled with elements & iconic imagery of the area (Grand Lake Theater, Fox Theater, Port loaders, etc..). Originally it was going to be a pretty lady with a bear headdress with an Oakland headdress but that was a bit much.

The final poster is a 5-color with a print run of 300. Matt will be selling a small Signed/Numbered run on March 14th at 11AM PST.

Buy them at on Monday

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