Thursday, March 31, 2016

Introducing Icy Skullz Resin Figures

So if you remember I released some resin Star Wars pieces last year(Click HERE to see them). I now have some new items you might dig. First are some superhero logos that like the others glow in the dark. There are now some Alien heads and eggs as well.

The coolest ones are Icy Skullz. Some change color, most glow in the dark, some even have a real bullet in the top of the skull. The ones I dig the most are the Grateful Dead ones that are  red, white and blue.

The all come with a bag to keep them in and glow in the dark like you would not believe.

Super heroes, Aliens and more buy them HERE

See all the Icy Skullz HERE


  1. I like the alien heads.... What should I use those for? lol

    1. Whatever tickles your pickle. Put them on your desk to freak out people or mount them on a wall. The possibility's are endless.