Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rob Loukotka Flat File Sale 2016

Rob Loukotka is having a Flat File Sale. Basically he is emptying his entire past 5 years of work out and offering up some very sold out works and random stuff!

Flat File Sale 2016 | Sold Out posters all back in stock!
For the first time ever, nearly every sold out poster he ever released will be back in stock. Rob is emptying his flat files of his personal collections, and selling rare copies of Wall-E posters, Copper ACME posters, D-Day posters, Dapper Dan, Blues Brothers, and dozens more.

First group  https://fringefocus.com/i/flat-file-sale-miscellaneous/
Six (6) previously sold out poster designs become available in the store, exclusively on the Flat File Sale (Miscellaneous) page. There are a handful of each design.

Group 2 https://fringefocus.com/i/flat-file-sale-12x36-posters/
Nine (9) previously sold out poster designs (that are all 12 x 36") become available, exclusively on this Flat File Sale (12 x 36") page. There are a small handful of most designs.

Group 3 https://fringefocus.com/i/flat-file-sale-acme-corporation/
Two (2) versions of the ACME Corporation Poster that are sold out will become available, exclusively on this Flat File Sale (ACME) page. There are 4 Copper ACME posters, and a few more Red ACMEs of various kinds.

Limit one (1) print per person per category. Meaning you can snag a 12x36" print then an ACME print. But you can't grab all of the the 12x36"s. Just one. The site explains the details as well.

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