Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Darin Shock Old School Print & Debut of AfFOILdables Series

Darin Shock is ready to kick it Old School with a new series called "AfFOILdables" and I'll let Darin tell you about it:
Screen prints on holographic foil paper can be astonishingly beautiful if designed specifically to consider its properties. Unfortunately a lot of foil prints are variants and therefore may not necessarily translate to the medium. Also, the cost of paper, combined with the exclusivity (predominately being variants), has resulted in the market dictating some high costs. I therefore wanted to present a series of foil prints designed specifically for foil paper at an economical cost for the buyer. Certainly not every foil print I release will fall under the AfFOILdable name/concept, but I do intend to occasionally release prints for this series whenever I have time between commissions and other demanding projects.
The first release is dropping Wednesday

"Old School"
20x16", 2 color screen print on rainbow foil. Signed & Numbered Edition of 50
available for $30
There's also an even cheaper version on chipboard kraft paper for $20

Darin is also offering the option to have the cassette tape customized with an artist or album title of the consumer's choice. Just attach a note with the order with any request.

He will have both on sale at 2pm EDT tomorrow

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