Friday, March 18, 2016

The Collectors Cache Vintage Rock Posters From 1xRUN

Over the years the folks at 1xRUN have met quite a few collectors that share the same passion for subculture and collecting. These passions culminate for the 1xRUN by collecting specifics artist's, iconography and imagery that shapes each of our collections. On the rare occasion they’re asked to offer vintage items on the site, and they have from time to time. Well last week profoundly changed the lives of 1xRUN and they’re excited to share with you the Collector's Cache.

When I traveled to 1xRUN this past weekend to catch up with Eddie Colla and the guys, I saw they had this big table set up that was filled with rock posters. I looked through them a little and was just blown away at the history sitting there. I asked Jesse about 4 times where did these come from ? I was able to sit down with them to get the scoop on this new collection they’re releasing.
ITRP: Where did you get all of these vintage rock posters?

1xRUN: We’ve been in talks with several collectors that have asked us if we would be down to offer their collections on 1xRUN. We’re all huge fans and collectors ourselves so we thought it would be cool to start offering collections of rare finds that people have amased over the past 20 or so years.

ITRP: What is in this first collection you will be offering?

1xRUN: First off there are some classic Coop and Kozik concert and art prints. Most of them are signed and numbered so that is pretty dope. Some of these gems have been on our personal radar for collecting so I’m sure several will make it into our personal flat files.

ITRP: What should collectors be looking for as you release different collections.
1xRUN: This is just the tip of the iceberg, we’ve really fell into a major collection and the first few releases are just the beginning. 2016 just may go down in the history books for rock and fine art print collectors as we have exclusive access to offer this collection to 1xRUN members. 
To see the first posters offered head over to

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