Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Prefab 77 Unmasked Prints & Wood Cut Art

The last bunch of prints / woodcuts from Prefab77's amazing time on the 1XRUN residency out in Detroit are now live!

Feeling more like original works on paper, these prints are all super hand-painted, with heavily layered backgrounds, 4 spray paint layers and a final screenprint layer.

"This whole series started a little bit different, but it’s still got the same elements that we’ve always done. We always tell a story, whether it’s political, fashion, music or history. What we’ve switched to with these totems, it’s a case of figuring out a concept and a medium that is scalea-ble. The whole thing for us now is telling it in a small scale or a big scale. You either do it small, as these little totems, or tall on a building, which is what the next step for us will be. The story could be anything. It could be the history of a city, a struggle, a person or a movement. With this medium we can have the ability to do that. We want to tell compelling stories that could be a sad, poignant or serious story but could encapsulated in these figures.

People love to tell stories and love to hear stories. I think that’s what everyone does whether it's movies, advertising, songs or poetry. When you write a song you’re telling a story. It’s a human condition. If you took everything away, you would be around the campfire telling stories. Medieval art tells the story of religion. Renaissance art has hidden allegories. Russian art tells a political story and punk posters tell the story from the dispossessed. We’ve pulled all these references together to create all these figures." - Prefab77
See all the art at 1xRUN.com

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