Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bob Dob Barrels Of Fun Print Release

1xRUN brings you back inside the crazy world of Bob Dob today with a new print release titled Barrel of Fun. It will come in your choice of two sizes 18 x 15 or 28 x 24.

"This painting was created for my solo show last November called “Exit Home.” The narrative for the show was how numb the general public has become to violence through our entertainment. I took two very recognizable pop culture characters, Mario and Luigi, and removed them from their world and put them into ours as LA gang members. My studio mate at the time was Greg Simkins who helped with the graffiti. All the paintings from the show had elements of L.A. gang culture but this piece “Barrels of Fun” focused on the whole story in one shot.

I tried to bring in as many characters from Super Mario Bros as I could. Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Princess Peach are in the front car with Bowser and some Koopas getting blown up and a few Goombas hanging out on the street." - Bob Dob

On sale at NOON EDT at

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