Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Natalia Rak Midnight Print Release Pow Wow Hawaii 2015

The paint continues to fly as Pow Wow Hawaii 2015 is in full form. On Wednesday 1xRUN introduces you to a new artist by the name of Natalia Rak as her print titled Midnight will be released.

"My last private experiences inspired me to do that print. First of all Winter time is always a little bit hard time for me, especially when I stay in Poland. I miss time spending outside, nights sky full of stars and warm night walks, that’s why the scene is made in the dark warm night. Besides that I just took a dog from the pound. He has got a very intelligent eyes, which hide some mystery, like the wolf in the illustration. He is not attacking the girl – they are connecting, reacting to each other. That is what I felt with my dog. We both where scared but we managed to find a way of communication."- Natalia Rak

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Midnight goes on sale Wednesday at 3pm EST at

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