Monday, February 9, 2015

Jay Ryan Downstairs, The Furnace Whales Print

Downstairs, The Furnace Whales print by Jay Ryan.

You're at home, late at night, listening to the wind howl outside. If you hold your breath, you can hear snow gently pattering against the glass of the window. This old house settles just a bit, and you hear that tiny electric "tic" in the next room as the thermostat decides to get up and do it's job. Soon you'll be fully warm again.

Instead of the creaky clicks and low "whooooomp" you normally hear from the utility room in the basement, a noise comes up through the floor which you haven't heard... in years.

It starts off above the range of your hearing and comes down into the range that makes your hair stand on end, first like the creaking of a door, and quickly dropping into a low, round sound which is unmistakable. The blood drains from your face and your ears start to ring with excitement. The noise seems to be everywhere, and goes on and on, lower and lower.

She is back. Snow stings your eyes as you dive out your front door.

That was a nice old house. Once she has moved on again, you'll have to find another home, hopefully further from the migration routes.

Eight screens on 18 x 24 inch cover stock with a signed numbered edition of 250

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