Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Meggs Avenge Me & Shaka Prints Release Details

Back in September of 2014, Inner State Gallery and 1xRUN welcomed Australian artist David “MEGGS” Hooke for his solo exhibition Spoiled Rotten. The exhibition of over 40 paintings and multiples explored the wondrous decay of social morality stemming from modern society’s obsession with pop culture and overindulgent materialism, and continued MEGGS’ perpetual fascination with dualism and finding beauty in tragedy.

“Detroit is a city of duality more so than many other cities I have been to. I sought to incorporate this by using objects and surfaces that imply decay, in what I consider to be a beautiful way. Old wooden materials and signs with layers of paint tell a story of their own. Although the colors and textures are aesthetically beautiful, I think it’s about giving these materials a new life, a second purpose.” - Meggs

Avenge Me Print
"This piece was part of my 2014 solo show ‘Spoiled Rotten.’ It’s part of a series of hand painted heroes over sourced old-school style target posters, which is then torn and collaged with a combination of found billposters and hand screen printed retro comic collages. All made during my month long residency with Inner State Gallery in Detroit.

The split between traditional ‘bad guy criminal’ & Captain America reflects the classic comic narrative of Hero vs Villain, however the distressed style & execution of the piece references the fragile nature of moral ideals and social justice in contemporary American society." - Meggs

Shaka Prints
"This edition is hand painted and sprayed, so essentially every one is unique, an original series so to speak.

This piece is based on a tee design I did for Pow Wow Hawaii in 2013. The Shaka is symbolic of good vibes & Aloha in Hawai’I so it’s a classic and fun image I use as a symbol of my love for Pow Wow and Hawai’i in general. Its obviously also recognized in surf/skate culture so the composition is a reference/homage to the all-time classic Jim Phillips screaming hand graphic for Santa Cruz skateboards." - Meggs

They all go on sale at NOON EST on Wednesday at

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