Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Matt Ryan Tobin Twin Peaks The Waiting Room Print

Like many people I was excited to hear that David Lynch would once again take us back into the world of Twin Peaks starting next year. Hero Complex Gallery decided to have Matt Ryan Tobin create a fantastic Twin Peaks inspired set of posters to hold everyone over until 2016 when we can once again join Agent Cooper for good slice of cherry pie and damn fine cup of coffee.

"The Waiting Room" by Matt Ryan Tobin

Regular edition (Red Cherry Pie) of 50 - $45
Variant edition (Blue with metallic inks) of 30 - $55
Wood variant edition of 5 - $150

Each one measures 24"x36" inches and they are screen printed

On sale now - http://hcgart.com/search?q=matt+ryan+waiting

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