Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rhys Cooper Gremlins 2 Movie Poster Release For Mondo

Six years ago Rhys Cooper created a poster for the first Gremlins movie and killed it. Finally Mondo is releasing a Gremlins 2 poster by Rhys, because really not that many artists could come close to what he did with the first one. On Thursday Mondo will be releasing GREMLINS 2 by Rhys Cooper. They've had a lot of fun with the GREMLINS title over the years, from posters to screenings to apparel, and they're thrilled to add another fantastic print from Rhys into the mix. Check out his GREMLINS poster from 2009.

Both Regular & Variant versions of the print feature metallic ink, the Variant also featuring a glow-in-the-dark layer. They both measure 24 x 36 and the regular will have an edition of 300 and variant an edition of 130.

On sale at a random time Thursday at

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