Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dig My Chili Avett Brothers Dallas Posters Release Details

It's been a little while since Dig My Chili released a poster by they have been slaving over the stove and got some fresh chili for you know. They did the posters for the two Avett Brothers shows in Dallas last night and tonight. Dig My Chili will have both posters on one sheet. They used 5 colors and printed them on silver paper. The regular posters wil have a run of 200 and each poster is signed and numbered. They also did a variant for this one and used metallic colored ink. That is an edition of 45 and they are signed and numbered, as well. Both posters measure 28 x 24 inches as well.

Dig My Chili on the design:
 Part of it comes from the Pegasus being the unofficial/quasi official symbol of Dallas. (There's a huge red neon Pegasus atop a downtown skyscraper that was once the home of Magnolia Oil which much much later became Mobil oil.

Overall it has a bit to do with our can do attitude as a city and as Texans in general - this city rewards those that take a chance, work hard and eschew fear. Which, to us, is the same attitude and direction the Avett Brothers come from. They are true to themselves and their music. They aren't afraid to work hard and do things their way…so it just seemed like a natural fit. Add to it that we have the strongest most beautiful women in the world...

Oh and there are a few Avett Brothers song Easter eggs in it too.
 Posters will go on sale at 9:30 PM central time tonight at the Dig My Chili Website

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