Thursday, February 12, 2015

Matthew Jacobson Jack White Chicago & Brussels Posters On Sale

Matthew Jacobson has released 3 Jack White posters from last year that he worked on with some people.

First up is 2 posters for the Jack White show in Chicago back on July 23 and you have your choice of black or white. The posters measure 18x24 inches with an edition of 300 (hand-stamped and numbered on the back) Designed by Matthew Jacobson and Camilo Medina.

Next up is the poster for the November 16 concert in Brussels Belgium. The poster measures 36 x 16.5 inches with an edition of 195 (hand-stamped, signed and numbered on the back). Designed by Matthew Jacobson and Andy Gregg.

She writes letters like a...

Belgium is unique in that it has several "official" languages. The title of this poster is written in three tongues "le héron, de hop, und die fledermaus" which refers to three birds forbidden to be eaten in Leviticus 11.

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  1. The Chicago shows were two different shows at two different venues on the same day. I heard it was cool.