Monday, February 16, 2015

Matt Leunig String Cheese Incident & Erykah Badu Poster Releases

Matt Leunig was given the task to create a poster for String Cheese Incident's 3-day “Sin City Incident” stay in Vegas at the Brooklyn Bowl. He came up with a ton of ideas that ranged from homages to “Fear & Loathing” to more straight up classic Vegas imagery (showgirls, slot machines, ratpack, etc.) but ended up really liking the idea of a King & Queen on a rampage soaking up a night of Sinfulness.

The final print was done by Ray and folk at Good Thoughts Printing and came out kickass. A real fluorescent black light delight….. It is a 5-color print, 18’x 24′ and will be available on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16th @ 10am (PST). Posters are signed / AP.

Buy it at

This weekend was Erykah Badu‘s birthday and she is celebrating it once again at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. Matt had the privilege of doing a print for her birthday there a couple years back and was happy to receive the call to do another.

When researching Badu’s work for the previous poster he noticed she works in a lot of Egyptian imagery & symbolism into her music and presentation. Whether it be symbols of life, references to Pharaohs & Queens or golden scarabs, they are everywhere. Matt thought the elegant Egyptian black cat made perfect sense it was just a matter of how ancient Egyptian vs. modern he was going to go. Matt liked the mix of the classic looking cat with a ton of gold bling and the microphone.

The poster is a 5-color print… 18′ x 24′ and will be available for sale TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17th @ 10 AM (PST). at

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