Saturday, February 14, 2015

Canlove Sexphyllum Classicum & Quinqueflor Mordida Spray Paint Can Art

For Valentine's Day 1xRUN has a special release from the guys at Can Love.

"We collect and transform thousands of spray cans, so over time we have noticed how different paint brands dry inside. We often paint the flowers, but for this series we wanted to leave the natural color, pattern, and texture of the can. We feel it’s important to showcase the inner beauty of these cans. We’re fascinated by the natural themes that form within each brand.

As this is our first series with 1xRUN, we thought it would be great to showcase a few completely new flower cuts that have never been seen until now - and may never be seen again. We also thought it would be cool to use a few different brands of spray paint to showcase the way each one dries. Some cans, like MTN94, are flat and patterned while the Montana GOLD have more movement and texture."- Canlove

Buy some flowers that she wont be throwing out, now at

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