Friday, February 20, 2015

Rob Loukotka Iron Man The Desk of Mr. Stark Print

Everyone that loves to make, build and or just tinker around with stuff really digs Tony Stark's workshop.  How can you not, you could build almost anything you think of in there.  Rob Loukotka has been wanting to do some prints featuring famous desks, workshops, and offices. So the first in the series is Tony Stark's famous workshop / workbench. Features a ton of objects from all 3 Iron Man films, sort of a catalog of the trilogy thus far. If you follow Rob on Twitter or anywhere you will believe he could build those items too.

The Desk of Mr. Stark is a 36 x 12" Screen Print with 2 colors on 100C French paper.
Edition of 250 Signed and Numbered by Rob Loukotka of Fring Focus
Signed and Numbered by Rob Loukotka

Buy it now from Rob's secret workshop at

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