Friday, February 6, 2015

Jeff Soto The Pusher & Brain Decay Prints On Wood

"The Pusher" celebrates Jeff Soto's love for skateboarding. It is the newest Seeker Friend, an ongoing (and now sporadic) series of mischievous and fun furballs. This print is on 3/4" sustainable birch wood, and sized at 6" x 6". Comes signed and numbered and ready to hang. $30

It is available NOW during a 24 hour timed sale ending Friday, February 6th at noon PST. After that they will not be available.

 "Brain Decay" available NOW.
"Brain Decay" is printed on 1/2" sustainable birch. The print is the actual size of the original painting at 36" x 24" (91.44 x 60.96 cm). Each print is unique as the natural wood grain shows through in some areas. Each is hand numbered and signed in a small edition of 25 prints. The print comes ready to hang. $300

"Brain Decay" is a painting from 2008 and has been requested often as a print. I've had a good amount of interest in some of my older works lately, and even though my style has evolved and my intent when I am painting may have changed, I have never been opposed to releasing them as prints. I always enjoy revisiting my past works, I feel that as an artist it can be fun and educational to look through your own artistic history.-Jeff Soto

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