Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chris Saunders Wolf Mandala Print Release Details

Chris Saunders will have a new print on sale from 1xRUN titled Wolf Mandala. It is a 3 color screen print measuring 24 x 24 inches.

"This piece was sold to a good friend of mine last year, which began as a custom commission that evolved over time.

There are lots of sacred symbols that are in this piece that were created with intention to protect the space that it is hung in. During the time I was experiencing some internal shifts that inspired me to create a piece that served as a protective guardian and the Wolf Archetype strongly embodied that quality.

The Wolf Archetype to me resembles a symbol of an intelligence as well as a fierce guardian. My work is about creating a reflective mirror that allows the viewer to see within themselves and evoke positive internal shifts. I’ve been exploring combining archetypal symbols with Mandalas that serve as symbols of strength to protect the space they are in as well as remind the viewer of their own internal strength and power." - Chris Saunders

On sale Wednesday at Noon EST at

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