Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Arnold's Bar and Grill Beer Print Series

As a complete poster addict, Chris of Arnold's Bar & Grill in Cincinnati has been toiling with an idea of finding a way to release Gig posters but for beer instead of bands for quite some time. Chris finally got his chance with something big coming up next week and hopes to make this something that they release once a month with different breweries and different artists from all over the country......

February 13-22 is Cincinnati Beer Week and Arnold's Bar and Grill wanted to come up with something unique for it. They convinced six different breweries to commission six different artists to reimagine one of their beers and create a signed and numbered, limited edition of 50, 18x24, hand pulled screen print from the art that they created. They enlisted artists: Keith Neltner, Tom Post, Tommy Sheehan, James Billiter, Brian Methe and Rob Warnick to all create a design.

The prints will all be available the day of their individual event at Arnold's and a small number will be made available to those who cannot attend at http://www.arnoldsbeerposters.com There is also plenty more information about each event on the site along with a description of the featured beer.

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