Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dennis McNett Wolfbat Print Release

1xRUN have added a very talented new artist by the name of Dennis McNett to their roster. They released a new print by Dennis titled Wolfbat that is hand embellished, along with 12 pieces of original art.

"There is a Nordic tale of a giant wolf called Fenris. He was one of three children of Loki and a Giantess. The gods had a premonition that Fenris would one day kill Odin, so they bound him and put him beneath the earth. During Ragnarok, the battle between the gods and giants, Fenris breaks his bonds, hunts down Odin on the battlefield and devours him. Odin’s son then kills the Wolf. I didn’t like that ending so I rewrote it.

You see Fenris had a sister named Hel that was one of the only characters in Nordic mythology with the power of resurrection. So I wrote that she retreated to the underworld once she saw the world being destroyed from the battle and when the fires burned down she resurfaced to find her brother Fenris. When she found him, his body was maimed and all that remained was his head. She crossed her brother’s head with the wings of a bat and resurrected him, so he could fly the earth and destroy the gods." - Dennis McNett

On sale now at

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