Monday, May 18, 2015

Arsenal Handicraft We Never Grow Tired Of Each Other Print Release

Arsenal Handicraft just released a new glow in the dark screen print, titled "We Never Grow Tired Of Each Other, the Mountain and I" in their shop. It is a 16" x 20" four color screen print (including two glow in the dark in colors), has an edition of 180, and is priced at $50. They're also running a bit of a sale where customers can use the coupon code "GLOW" in their shop to receive $10 off of any print (not just on the new print) through Memorial Day.

The print was inspired by imagery of early 19th-century mountaineers that they stumbled across while researching another project. Arsenal Handicraft wanted to create a print that depicted both struggle and peace.

"A mountaineer carefully makes his way to a familiar spot, his usual retreat in a rocky refuge. As night falls, he makes camp and then settles in to log his thoughts on paper."

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