Thursday, May 7, 2015

Zombie Yeti Faith No More Chicago Poster

Right now in Chicago, Faith No More are kicking off the second leg of their short US tour. Jeremy Packer aka Zombie Yeti did the poster for the show. He is also a big fan and is at the show tonight as well.

I asked him about how he created the poster:
So first off - I'm a long time Faith No More fan - so I really wanted to knock this out of the park. I initially decided I wouldn't go the 'faith' route and do any religious iconography. Of course I also never listen to myself because it's too limiting...

Obviously their new album is self produced and they've been vocal in the past about their distaste for the label's pressure and influence. So my starting point was thinking of a way to show their independence and rebirth... I had some grand ideas and then I think I had talked to Zoltron and he was pushing me to reduce reduce reduce. 

After that conversation I started down a different path and it hit me as I was turning my focus on another project - The iconic Coppertone girl as a young nubile boy and the scruffy cute dog tugging at her bottom (to see her ass or whatever) as a pedo-priest preying on the youthful lad. It just made me laugh and fit the puzzle I had set up. 

So then when I was asked to do a diptych I knew I had to have, like a good massage, a happy ending. 

Ironically I finished these before they released the album artwork and the single Superhero. All of which makes my comic book approach and young boy seem tied-in and intentional! Sometimes shit just falls in line ;)
  The regular edition poster is signed & numbered edition of 115, there will be around 100 at the show signed by the band. There is also a foil variant edition of 20.

Both posters will be available via Secret Serpents at 9:00 AM PDT on May 10th

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