Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Adam Pobiak Reservoir Dogs Posters Release

Adam Pobiak will FINALLY be releasing his stash of Reservoir Dogs prints Tuesday at 4pm (London time) 11am eastern 8am pacific at http://shop.pobiak.com/ He'd like to keep the sets together so he will sell them quite cheaply considering the character variants are mostly editions of 10! The main (red) and Mr. Blonde and Mr. Pink will be available individually. Red is an edition of 50, Mr. Blue edition of 10, Mr. Brown edition of 10, Mr. White edition of 10, Mr. Blonde edition of 15, Mr. Pink edition of 20.

The posters are silk screened and were made for the screening of Reservoir Dogs in the Quentin Tarantino festival at Bijou Art Cinemas in Eugene, Oregon
size = 375 x 594mm or 14.8 x 23.4"
All set orders will receive matching numbers signed and numbered 

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