Friday, May 22, 2015

Ricky Powell Run DMC Paris 1987 Prints

Ricky Powell has a couple of new prints that were just released by 1xRUN that feature Run DMC in Paris back in 1987.

You can select the special Aluminum Edition or Photo Slide inspired Fine Art Paper Edition of the latest limited editions from photographer Ricky Powell and read more about this iconic photo...

New York photographer Ricky Powell returns with this iconic photo of Run DMC taken in Paris during the Together Forever tour in May of 1987.

"We were in Paris and we had a day off. So I ended up with Run DMC and we were just walking around like tourists. I said 'Yo jump up over here.' I would always say that to them, and they would kinda laugh at me like 'Oh, here goes Ricky again. Here he goes with his visions…' So I just directed them where to go stand because I would always say 'You’re going to thank me one day.' So they humored me and then they got into it. They were getting into the poses and having some fun. I was actually crunching on a crusty croissant while I was snapping these flicks. I would hold the croissant with one hand and snap the flicks with my other. I shot it with a regular little camera, but I always shot with slide film, so it always looked very professional. Run DMC used it on their greatest hits album as well. I was very fortunate. It is one of my most prized photographs in my “30 Years Of Pro Photos On The Hang Out Tip."- Ricky Powell

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