Friday, May 8, 2015

Justin Santora Lil Bub, Walk The Moon & More

Justin Santora has released 3 new pieces of work. Walk The Moon Austin poster, Instead print and a cute print featuring Lil Bub.

Justin breaks down the prints with the details:
I don't do too many horizontal (or landscape) oriented prints, but for these two projects it overwhelmingly seemed to be the way to go. I spent a good bit of time wrestling with the composition for this new Walk The Moon poster before realizing that a wider composition was the answer to nearly every issue I was having.
  The poster is Four color screen print. 24x18", signed/numbered edition of 160. 2015.
The other print (pictured below, right) was for a recent Gallery 1988 show. The theme was television/TV shows, but I have a standing policy to not explicitly reference any TV or movies unless licensed or otherwise working directly with the intellectual property holders. So I decided to do a pro-going-outside, turn-your-TV-off print instead! It makes me think of how this time of year felt when I was a kid, when the weather got nicer and it stayed light out later and after school TV watching routines turned into skateboarding with friends until dinner time. Then again, I went skateboarding after I left the studio last night, so maybe not much has changed.
Four color screen print
18x24", signed/numbered edition of 90. 2015.
Lastly, in lieu of further rambling fondly about my adolescence, I have a really special new print available. I worked with feline celebrity sensation Lil BUB to release a six color limited edition screen print. Lil BUB is well known for raising money for animal shelters and other animal charities, and this print will be no different. See details below for how we will be donating proceeds from each sale to Lil BUB's Big Fund for the ASPCA. These are six color screen prints, 18x24", signed/numbered edition of 240. $25, with a portion of each sale benefiting Lil Bub's Big Fund!

They are all on sale at

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