Saturday, May 9, 2015

Faith No More Zombie Yeti Toronto Poster World Premiere Exclusive


Into the great white north they travel, Faith No More is only playing Canada one time on this east coast tour. But they will be back in August.

For the show tonight in Toronto we get the other part of Zombie Yeti's diptych set of posters that completes the Chicago one. Check out Chicago HERE

Jeremy was at the Chicago show and had so much fun he cracked a tooth. But he got to meet one Aaron Horkey and he was pretty happy after that.

I asked Jeremy about this one:
The story on Toronto's show? Well i was asked to do it after I had almost finished the inks for the Chicago show. I had two possible ideas, one involving a roided up coppertone dog revealing himself out of the boys ass and attacking the pedo-preist, and the one I ended up doing... I played it safe.

It's the happy ending. The boy (band) refuses his(their) perpetual fate(whoring by committee/label) - and he (they)comes out swinging.... I mean - if I was some highbrow arty type with a healthy dose of self-awareness of pretension, that would be the story.... is, really, I just wanted to do something to allow people to proudly display the Chicago poster. It's like an evil marketing ploy, right? I mean, unless glorifying sexual predator/pedophilia (that's now a google result for your site, you know. You are welcome!) art is your scene, it's not a light subject and difficult to explain to the inlaws. But with this poster you can have a clear conscious. PURE. EVIL. MARKETING...

...I just wanted to knock out a rad diptych for Faith No More. That is literally a once in a lifetime thing for like 50 people in their lifetime. Damn, I'm going to go buy some lottery tickets...
The regular edition poster is signed & numbered edition of 115, there will be around 100 at the show signed by the band. There is also a foil variant edition of 20, which you can see above.

Both posters will be available via Secret Serpents at 9:00 AM PDT on Sunday May 10th 

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