Thursday, May 14, 2015

Faith No More Tara McPherson New York Poster Night 2 World Premiere Exclusive

New York city is getting ready for a second night of Faith No More and Tara McPherson did the poster for tonight's show once again. She said she had a lot of fun last night and looks forward to another get show tonight.

I asked Tara about the design of the poster:

i really love FNM. The show last night was SO awesome and I'm stoked to see them again tonight. The drawings for these are part of a series of images i’m working with that expand on aurora’s, energy, electromagnetism, bioluminescence, internal vs. external, science, and nature to create portraits of these powerful females I imagine exist in these alternate realms. When I was creating this I was thinking about particle physics and string theory, how these tiny subatomic particles are theorized to dance and not truly exist in one location. As well as the power we have with our thoughts and vision, I think it’s a fun idea to create a physical manifestation of thought… literally something coming out of one’s body, head or eyes. I’m trying to create women who are the goddess' of sorts for this idea. One can read a lot into this imagery in relation to the name ‘Faith No More’… I’m sure different people will see different things, and that’s awesome.

The regular edition poster is signed & numbered edition of 115, there will be around 100 at the show signed by the band. There is also a variant edition of 20 that is not foil.

Both posters will be available via Secret Serpents at 9:00 AM PDT on Saturday May 16th

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