Thursday, May 7, 2015

Guy Burwell Primus, Faith No More & The Replacements Posters Release

Guy Burwell will be releasing several new posters out into the wild very soon.

The Replacements Portland and Seattle 2015
Faith No More Portland @ Keller Auditorium (VERY few and doodled)
Primus and the Chocolate Factory Huntington NY 2015 Candy Gloss edition.

All of these prints sold out at their respective shows and are in short supply.

The Faith No More edition he will have is the Artist Edition and marked AP and feature a small doodle. They are signed but not numbered. The numbered edition was sold exclusively at the live performance, signed by the band, and SOLD OUT. This AP edition is much smaller. There is also ONE print from the Variant Edition printed on heavier glittery light blue French Paper stock.

As a special treat his Primus & The Chocolate Factory tour date prints feature an exclusive Glossy Finish for a very unique and startlingly nifty poster print. They are very attractive! These photos aren't the greatest but the prints are really cool and available exclusively from Guy.

Portland’s own Goodfoot/Po’Boy Arts is going to release all of these prints and provide some extra special details here and there to make someone’s afternoon super nice.

PO'BOY / GOODFOOT ARTS EXHIBIT & POSTER ZONE will host the sale and you should check in with them...APPROXIMATELY 10 AM THURSDAY MAY 7 2015.

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