Friday, May 8, 2015

Matt Leunig Eric Church Lexington Poster Release Details

Matt Leunig was given the task of coming up with something for a Lexington, KY show for Eric Church. The obvious horse race and other imagery immediately came to mind which seemed really boring. So Matt decided to dwell deeper into the hollers of Kentucky history and explore their love of the drink… Whiskey & particularly Moonshine. Some treat it as a proud history, others not so much but regardless “The Moonshiner” is an interesting subject in Southern Lore. Running from police, making hardcore booze out of nothing and a “I will fuck you up” attitude makes for an interesting poster. Especially for an Eric Church show….

The Lexington, KY poster is 18′ x 24′, 4-color and had a print run of 170. Matt will have a very limited run of Signed/Numbered prints available on Friday, May 8th at 10AM PDT on his website

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