Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shepard Fairey Printed Matters & Peace and Justice Lotus Mural in Detroit Update

Working on the panels
John Varvatos on point as always
Shepard Fairey and the Obey Giant crew have been fighting rain, hot humid weather one day and cold weather the next day in order to complete the largest ever mural they have done. Peace and Justice Lotus mural is a staggering 180 feet tall and they are going to finish it on Thursday, the pictures above are from Tuesday.

The massive wheat paste panels of art have been installed behind Library Street Collective in the area called The Belt. Some measure 12 x 8 feet and others 8x8. Fashion designer  John Varvatos even stopped by to check out the art. Unfortunately
Iggy Pop was not with him.

Library Street Collective Presents
Printed Matters & Public Matter
Works By Shepard Fairey

May 22nd — August 15th, 2015
Opening Reception:
Friday, May 22nd, 2015 from 6PM — 10PM EDT

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