Monday, February 2, 2015

Daniel Danger we’re gonna wake up, and we’re going to forget Print Release

Daniel Danger is releasing this new print today. Its the 2nd print in a running series he is working on, the 1st print being 'we can no longer protect you forever', and the 3rd being '...and sometimes you go...', with more on the way.

loose idea is that feeling of knowing that when you wake up from a dream you're going to lose a whole unique universe you feel like youve lived your whole life in, so you battle to stay there. youre scrambling to jot what you saw down, working your way backwards, or repeating the narrative to yourself while youre actively losing whole places and experiences by the second. its a weird futile moment trying to hold on to every mishmash element of a constantly bending and improvised world your head creates night after night. ive been having fun working with landscapes that arent meant to seem fantasy or magical or stonerwitchmountain, but that feel more like the lost nightly constructions of just a busy busy brain. -Daniel Danger

"we’re gonna wake up, and we’re going to forget"

24x36” 5 color silkscreen
edition of 200 metallic red sky (additional metallic layer)
edition of 100 with a pink sky
edition of 100 full green colorway, available only in-person at shows and certain brick'n'mortor galleries and retailers.
 All Signed and numbered

On sale this Monday the 2nd. 2pm EST at

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