Monday, February 2, 2015

Winner of the Rene Gagnon Super Bowl Free Friday Poster Giveaway

Now that was a Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. I did not care who won the game, I just wanted to see a good fun game and man that was a great game. After Kearse caught that crazy bouncing ball I thought no way can the Seahawks get that lucky again to win another game.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots and Rene Gagnon for winning Super Bowl 49. And to Mike Gardner with comment #32 who won the mystery tube of art from Rene.

The giveaway had 133 people enter, well had a few more but as I said you dont leave a name I delete that comment. The majority picked the Seahawks to win with 69 but they did not. So what I did was delete all the Seahawk comments and then used the random number generator to pick a winner from the 64 people that picked the Patriots. I figured that was the easiest most random way to do it.

So Mike email me your address and I will pass it on to Rene and he will be sending you the tube of goodies.

Thanks to Ames Bros for being part of the giveaway. Seahawks fans since you don't have spend money on Super Bowl swag so you can get your Seattle Seahawks vs Hunger 2015 'Firehawk' T-Shirt over on the Ames Bros Store and help fight hunger. For more info on helping kick hunger, visit the official Seattle Seahawks Kick Hunger Challenge web page and the Food Lifeline website.

Thanks to Rene Gagnon for donating the Mystery Tube of prints, be sure to head over to his website to see his work

Of course thank you to everyone who entered as well.

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