Friday, May 1, 2015

Greg Gossel Fender Bender Test Prints

Right now Black Book Gallery has an exhibition of Greg Gossel's work titled Fender Bender, it's only on display until May 2. The phrase “Fender Bender” is often used as a description for a crash or small accident. In my new exhibit “Fender Bender”, the seemingly lighthearted and mundane crash into the vast and dramatic throughout a series of mixed-media works. The simple elements of daily life; a sofa, the dining room table, and a roof over your head contrast with the expanse of the night sky and map of the solar system. In between the micro and macro lies a chaotic world of police brutality, addiction, race inequality, and job loss.

The work itself also references the crashing of elements as pieces are spontaneously built up with hundreds of screen printed layers, only to be cut apart and reassembled upon one another creating a dynamic series of happy accidents in the process. The final result is a body of work that is colorful and engaging on the surface, but when explored further reveals a dark and complex struggle beneath the layers.

From this show some test prints were created and they are on sale now

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