Monday, January 5, 2015

James Billiter Wussy Cincinnati Poster

James Billiter Studio created this playful gig poster for Cincinnati's Wussy and the Queen City's newest venue The Woodward Theater. The poster is 18" x 24" hand-pulled screenprint, 3 colors featuring metallic gold and silver inks and an edition of 100. Posters cost $20.

Wussy's newest album, Attica, is getting a lot of critical acclaim and the designer wanted to celebrate their homecoming with a poster that captures the sweetness and grittiness found in their music. Two pigeons cuddle to keep warm — forming a heart shape, their style also evocative of another Cincinnati artist Charley Harper. But James kind of thought of singer Chuck Cleaver's humor, and this romantic scene would be tarnished and even sullied by a cynical eye: a piece of litter is caught in the tree, there is dirt and grime in the air and the grit of city living. The Wussy name is woven into the tree and the Woodward name is in the actual facade below the birds, with the opening act featured on the banner. Other rooftops of the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood are featured in the background.

Posters are on sale in James Billiter's Etsy store:

A video showing the printing process can be found on James Billiter Studio's Vimeo feed:

Wussy Gig Poster Printing from James Billiter Studio on Vimeo.

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