Monday, January 5, 2015

Kyler Sharp Megadeath, Down & Heavy as Texas Posters

Kyler Sharp has been busy and 3 new posters for sale on various websites.

First up is the one that was available at the Down concert Houston on the 21st. It's for Houston's own Heavy As Texas fronted by guitar great Marzi Montazeri. This poster measures 18x24 and is a 4 color print with a glow in the dark ink. The Marzi Montazeri's Heavy As Texas is on sale on his site and you can buy one that signed by him as well,

The next one Kyler did is for Megadeth. They had him do it but it was for new Christmas merchandise, not a concert. But it is a screen print poster that's 18x24, 4-cloor with a glow. Signed and numbered edition of 250 available at their site

Finally the last one is for Down and the show Sunday, Dec, 21st. A crater is all that remained after this band left town!!! DOWN performed at The Warehouse Live Ballroom!!! Along with very special guests Orange Goblin, King Parrot & Houston's own Heavy As Texas!  It was the last show of the tour., Here is Kyler's contribution to a night that was epic! It's a screen print poster for the show. 12x36, 3-color with a glow in the dark ink. The Green Voodoo Queen. Buy this one on Kyler website

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