Thursday, March 26, 2015

Darin Shock Huff 'n Doback Poster Foil Variant

People love Huff 'n Doback so much so Darin Shock is doing a pre-sale now through April 1st. Darin has received a lot of requests over the years (and a lot recently for some reason) for his long sold out, tiny edition of Huff 'n Doback prints. It's a print originally created for a Step Brothers themed gallery show that sold out quickly. Anyway, he decided to create a foil variant of the print. The design has been slightly altered and specifically tailored for a foil. It'll be 18x24", and 5 colors on rainbow foil. He may have some extra but pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee yourself a print. 

They're available for $80 here:

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