Monday, March 30, 2015

Erica Williams Posters & Livsnjutare Print Release

Erica Williams is back from doing her first Flatstock in Austin during SxSW and has a bunch of killer posters and prints she is putting up for sale.

On sale right now is her Walk the Moon Poster

At First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN
18x24" 4 colors
Signed/Numbered Edition of 160

The following posters & prints will be on sale Tuesday March 31 at 2pm CDT

Inspired by the beauty of the seasons and the joy of life this art print is aptly named with the Swedish word "livsnjutare" which means "one who loves life fully and lives to the extreme, literally: enjoyer of life." The guys at Triple Stamp Press were kind enough to take on this beast of a print and they did an amazing job! At 11 colors and a lot of tricky bits to it this came out amazing, better than I could have ever thought.

23x13.25" 11 colors screen print
Signed/Numbered Edition of 60

Murder By Death Winter 2015
18x24"  Five Colors
Signed/Numbered Edition of 460

Murder By Death Winter 2015 Variant
18x24" Five Colors
Signed/Numbered Edition of 330

Dragon Age Inquisition AP. Last year French Paper Art Club asked Erica to make a print for the release of Dragon Age Inquisition. "Beyond excited because I got to play the game which was amazing and I am oddly happy with this illustration which is odd for me." said Erica

There is only ONE of these ladies left, so if you want her don't hesitate. Just saying.
18x24"  Five Colors
Signed/Numbered Edition of 10

Buy them at when the time is right

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