Thursday, March 19, 2015

Above Cut The Record Jay-Z Prints & Original Art

1xRUN has 3 new different pieces of work from Above being released on Thursday as his Cut the Record Series tips off with Jay Z.

"The 'Cut The Record' series was made solely for this release and was part of my most recent exhibition Remix. This was a very personal series for me, as I selected 10 of my favorite musicians to portray and Remix. All of the 10 musicians I selected to make for this series are personal favorites of mine. Music I actually listen to on a day to day basis. For my exhibition I kinda tweaked the meaning of Remix to fit the swapping and sampling of different, but similar pieces of wood cuts I had made on the pieces. With the 10 musicians I selected for the 'Cut The Record' series each has either had their music remixed, and or remix music themselves.

To kick things off Jay-Z was a no-brainer. He combines both the wordplay and flow of a dynamic lyricist, and his beats are (remixed) from earlier classics." - Above

You will have you choice of prints, hand painted laser cut wood panel and the baller edition original art.

They all go on sale Thursday at NOON EDT at

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